Do you know about EN standards for Smoke extract ductwork?

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  • All Smoke Extract ductwork will be to (hEN) standard 12101-7 and tested to EN 1366-8 for multi compartment or EN 1366-9 for single compartment.
  • Where multi compartment ductwork is required it must be insulated to the same period of time as the compartment through which it passes as required in DW172. Alternatives are not acceptable.
  • A Classification report to EN 13501-4 must be provided.  Evidence of a Factory Production Control (FPC) being in place must be provided.
  • All Smoke Extract will carry CE Marking from July 2013 and is to be installed under a third-party certifier such as Firas as identified in ASFP TGD 18. All ductwork must have classification for testing outside (A), inside (B) and smoke extract (C) in both a horizontal and vertical position.
  • All ductwork rated “S” for smoke leakage and have been tested to high pressure 500 PA. All smoke extract will be tested in a flexible wall and be suitable for installation in stud partition, block wall and concrete floor.