Committed to Quality Engineering

Complete Ventilation Supplies

Breffni Air Ltd. was established in February 1999 by the current Managing Director Mr. Patrick Sheanon. With an initial focus on delivering high-quality cost-effective ventilation systems, Breffni Air has been expanding continuously, delivering innovative projects for all aspects of Building Engineering throughout Ireland, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Our reputation is our most valuable asset so Breffni Air constantly strives to improve their methods and ways to deliver Quality throughout their Company. We employ a skilled workforce and use the latest training, new technology, and constant hard work to give our Clients a Snag Free System without incident.


At Breffni Air Ltd. we currently have a 65,000 square foot facility which produces a varied range of ventilation and containment systems for our clients.

We currently fabricate and supply a wide range of products, including:

  • HVAC DW144 Duct and Fittings.
  • Fire Rated Duct.
    • EN 12101-7 CE Marked.
  • Fully Welded/Flanged Galvanised SMACNA/DW 144 Duct.
  • Fully Welded/Flanged Stainless Steel SMACNA/DW 144 Duct.
  • Contract Cutting (TRUMPF 3040 Fibre Laser).

Our Workshop

Our fully skilled workforce is managed by our dedicated team consisting of Production and Workshop Managers with capabilities to manufacture and supply a variety of duct to the highest standards obtainable. In the last year alone, our team has successfully delivered and installed circa 80,000m2 of HVAC, stainless steel and galvanised ductwork throughout Ireland, the UK and Mainland Europe.

Our Commitment to SAFETY Standards

At Breffni Air we care about safety and setting standards. Our third party accreditations are among the essential tools we use to meet our health and safety commitment. All projects are overseen by our Safety Advisor and we have successfully obtained and maintained our SAFE-T Certification for Managing Safety within our Organisation.

QAQC at Breffni Air Ltd.

Our facility is compliant with Factory Production Control FPC and some elements of our products are CE marked. Our entire process is also compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and we are currently in the process of upgrading to current legislation. We have adopted the CE Marked procedure and trace ability for all products that we fabricate and supply to the market. Our facility is audited every 6 months for FPC by our 3rd Party Accreditor Exova Warrington.